Caspar Fairhall


Galerie Düsseldorf

17 October - 7 November 2004

This is a body of work concerned with virtual structures and the nature of spatial illusion in images. For some time now my work has been concerned with dismantling or reconstructing the way in which images are made, and the way in which images relate to our understanding of space and concrete reality.
Each work has a number of layers of contradictory and perhaps unresolvable spatial structures, built out of architectural elements. These architectural elements are largely divorced from any terrain, and often altogether from any fixed reference point. The classical elements (ionic capitals, Romanesque arches et al) are intended as links to the coherent space of Renaissance art, with its use of clear and relatively simple perspective structures. By retaining some reference to classical notions of space the work can play off visual illusions (which largely have a basis in perception) against recognisable signs.
Other elements, which resemble security cameras, mobile phone towers and the like, are intended as references to our contemporary built environment, and to suggest the way in which this environment is permeated and overlayed with a constant flow of information. The physical structures themselves are also in a sense fabricated from information (which is of course how we recognise them), and it is from this that the exhibition title comes.


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Transmission 2004
Oil on canvas
183 x 213 cm
Acquired Private Collection


Out of Solid Space 2003-4
Oil on canvas
213 x 183 cm
$ 5,000


Five Ten Fiftyfold 2003-4
Oil on construction
62 x 180 x 20 cm
$ 3,500


Purity Adjustment 2002
Oil on canvas
122 x 122 cm
(Acquired Private Collection)


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Supermarket, Live in Code 2002-4
Oil and découpage on construction
in 4 modules
24 x 343 x 20 cm
(Acquired Private Collection)
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Shallow, then Halo 2004
Oil on construction
24 x 80 x 25 cm
(Acquired Private Collection)


Horizon II 2001-4
Oil on construction
4.5 x 89 x 4.5 cm
(Acquired Private Collection)


Res Extensa 2004
Oil on canvas
106.5 x 106 cm
(Acquired Private Collection)


Within the Region and the Range II 2004
Oil on canvas
91.5 x 122 cm
$ 2,200


Towards Solid Space 2003-4
Oil on canvas
91.5 x 91.5 cm
$ 2,200


Watercolours on Cotton rag paper - archival mounts and framing


Within the Region and the Range 2004
24 x 30 x 5 cm
(Acquired Private Collection)


Transponders and other Enigmas 2004
51 x 24 cm
$ 850


Out of Solid Space 2004
21 x 18 cm
(Acquired Private Collection)


Camera, Projection 2004
15 x 40 cm
$ 700


Transmitted Space 2004
24 x 38 cm
$ 750


Unseen Formation I 2004
38 x 36 cm
$ 900


Unseen Formation II 2004
46 x 58 cm
$ 950


Camera, Projection and Void 2004
39 x 57 cm
(Acquired Private Collection)


Guide to Better Living VII 2004
38 x 52 cm
$ 950


Digital cibachrome prints


Invisible City I 2004
Digital cibachrome print - Unique State
44 x 175 cm
$ 2,500


Invisible City II 2004
Digital cibachrome print - Unique State
44 x 175cm
$ 2,500


Caspar Hamlyn Fairhall b 1969

1993 Bachelor of Arts(Visual Arts), WA School of Visual Arts, Edith Cowan University
1990 Diploma of Fine Art(Painting), Claremont School of Art

Solo exhibitions
2004 transmission, Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth
2001 New work, Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth
1998 Projector, Gomboc Gallery
1996 First solo exhibition, Gomboc Gallery

Selected group exhibitions
2004 Invisible Cities, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (DVD/audio installation with Paul Carstairs
Alex Hayes and Rob Muir)
2003 BankWest Contemporary Art Prize
2003 Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Annual Invitation Prize
2002 Joondalup Art Award
2001 Houseandlandpackage, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, The University of Western Australia
1999 In the studio, from the studio, Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth
1999 Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Annual Invitation Prize
1998 Mine Own Executioner, Mundaring Arts Centre
1998 Gotham Times Ten, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
1998 Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Annual Invitation Prize
1997 Gotham on the Verge, The Verge Gallery, Perth
1996 Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Annual Invitation Prize
1995 The Seven Year Itch: Gotham on Show at PICA, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
1995 New work, Gomboc Gallery, Perth
1993 Northbridge on the Edge, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
1993 Advantage of Isolation, Artplace Perth (Festival of Perth exhibition) and Blaxland Galleries, Sydney
1992 52 New, Artplace, Perth
1992 Seven Perth Artists, Gallery Hakuzen, Nagoya City, Japan
1990 Theoria, Delaney Galleries, Perth

Art Gallery of Western Australia
The University of Western Australia
Edith Cowan University
Ian + Sue Bernadt Collection
The Western Australian Chamber of Commerce

Caspar Fairhall wishes to thank JAZ Creative for their generous support during the preparation of this exhibition.