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Very special congratulation to our Artists : updated 05/07/2015


flow : Galliano Fardin @ Bankwest Gallery : 24 June - 13 October 2015



Douglas Chambers BRAG 2015


Jánis Nedéla : Disparate Bed Fellows : Galerie Düsseldorf : 18 November - 16 December 2012

Janis nedela 2012

Jànis Nèdela A Near Distance 2: Highlights from 30 Years of Jànis Nèdela's Art Practice

Geraldton Regional Art Gallery : 6 October - 9 Decemberr 2012

Jn Geraldton

Selections for this survey exhibition have been made from previous exhibitions:
53 copies of Sarah Waters book 'The Night Watch" have been used to create a series of fifty-three stations,
each with particular reference to Water's book through objects related to a moment or a character.
RUNNING BACKWARDS (2007)The artist has used etched acrylic to configure the structure of the open book pages,
each pair alluding to text on the printed page. In these pairs, some playfully adopt palindromes to tease the viewer;
in others the acrylic is etched with lines to create the illusion of text.
WRASSE: METAMORPHOSIS (2003 - 2005) A study of the natural world and the extraordinary different ways in which
fish use camouflage is the central theme of these works.
ENIGMA: A SUITE OF VARIATIONS 1, 2 & 3 (1996-2002)
A return to purist painting, this selection of works are a movement away from the preferred materials of previous
exhibitions such as; pencils, crayons, their shavings and other found or manufactured items.
BOOKS + TEXT AS OBJECTS (1992,2006,2009)
For several years text has been central to Janis Nedela's work.
While he ventured into collage and installation it is the book as object which has been his dominant form.
Words have been permanently concealed, or reconstituted.
The jackets cut, even scorched and modified to accommodate implements such as taps, hooks and saws.
RECENT WORKS Jánis' current paintings are preoccupied with seductions of surface, colour, grids and patterns.
Obsessively linked to the nature ( text and representation, these paintings succeed both optically and contemplatively.


Galliano Fardin Mandurah 2012


Friday 13 April / Sunday 6 May 2012

Fardin’s paintings are a reflection of his everyday life experience at Lake Clifton
and of travelling across the big Spaces of the Western Australian landscape.
Alcoa Gallery Mandurah Arts Centre. Stretch Festival Saturday 5 May & Sunday 6 May.
Official opening of the Stretch Festival 6.30pm Friday 4 May.
Exhibition dates – Friday 13 April / Sunday 6 May. IN-11/4 OUT-7/5
Galliano Fardin is represented by Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth.
(Solo exhibition at Galerie Düsseldorf : 3 June - 1 July 2012)

Layering Space Fardin

download/read Catalogue essay by Dr. Phillip McNamara


Thea Costantino

Congratulations Thea Costantino : WA recipient of the 2011 Qantas Foundation Encouragement of Australian Contemporary Art Award

In 2010 Thea Costantino completed a PhD at Curtin University which investigated the grotesque as a mode for the representation of history, culminating in the solo exhibition Diseased Estate at John Curtin Gallery. This work was awarded the Galerie Dusseldorf / Curtin University Annual Postgraduate Scholarship Award in 2010.

Thea is also a founder and co-artistic director of the not for profit organisation Hold Your Horses, formed with artists Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont in 2009.

She has written a work of music theatre, Heart of Gold, with composition and musical direction by Ash Gibson Greig. The work was nominated for Best New Play in the Perth Theatre Trust Equity Guild Awards. Heart of Gold, which developed in collaboration with Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont, was produced by Hold Your Horses in 2009 at PICA performance space, with direction and dramaturgy by Zoe Pepper. Urzula Dawkins described Heart of Gold as ‘A beautifully staged rural gothic extravaganza’ in Real Time.

Thea has also written the libretto for a short opera film produced in collaboration with Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont, The Soloists (a case study), with composition and musical direction by Tim Cunniffe.

She has curated several exhibitions, most recently Revelations: contemporary visions of apocalypse at Fremantle Arts Centre in 2009. She has written a number of exhibition catalogue essays as well as articles for art journals including Artlink, RealTime and the US art blog Dailyserving.com

City of Joondalup Invitation Art Award
$15,000 Acquisitive Award Winner : Congratulations to Susanna Castleden  


13 October -  1 November 2011
Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City
The City of Joondalup Invitation Art Award will enter its 14th year in 2011. It aims to recognise the skills of contemporary Western Australian artists and to provide the Joondalup community with local access to a high quality exhibition.
The Award offers an acquisitive prize of $15,000, along with additional non-acquisitive prizes. The winning artwork is acquired and becomes part of the City’s Art Collection.
Additional showcase information is available in the 2011 Invitation Art Award Catalogue.

Congratulations also to Galerie Düsseldorf artists participating in 2011:
 Consuelo Cavaniglia
 Bruce Slatter (Work acquired by City of Joondalup)
 Thea Costantino
 Joshua Webb

Congratulations to Joshua Webb who has been accepted for the 2011 New York Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture,
intensive nine-week summer residency program for emerging visual artists.

JWebb New York 2011


Skowhegan, an intensive nine-week summer residency program for emerging visual artists established in 1946, seeks each year to bring together a gifted and diverse group of individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to art-making and inquiry to create the most stimulating and rigorous environment possible for a concentrated period of artistic creation, interaction and growth.

Skowhegan, in both its physical and programmatic design, provides opportunities for intense work and creative direction. Because the program focuses on process and experimentation, Participants are encouraged to come prepared to work without a preconceived agenda or schedule. The program requires Participants to commit to being in residence for the full nine-week session from mid-June to mid-August, and absences from the program to fulfill other professional commitments are not permitted. All Participants, Faculty, and staff live and work on campus and are provided with studio space and technical support for their work. The artistic dialogue continues around the clock.

Skowhegan's Board of Governors, all working artists, invites a new faculty of Resident and Visiting Artists to campus each year to guarantee a diversity of perspectives. These artists are highly accomplished and represent a cross-section of the contemporary art world. The structure of Skowhegan's program is provided by regular one-on-one critiques given to each Participant by the Faculty, and through the series of lectures given by the Faculty over the summer. Participants also gather weekly for open critiques led by a Dean. Skowhegan also offers the rare opportunity to learn and practice buon fresco technique. In the context of Skowhegan's program, fresco offers an opportunity to explore a rich and ancient process that can inspire and accommodate a broad range of contemporary ideas. All Participants and Faculty members are encouraged to experiment in this medium with the guidance of an experienced instructor. Performances, reading groups, discussions, and community and off-campus projects

summer / maine

Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture
P.O. Box 449
Skowhegan, Maine 04976

Our sincere congratulations to Brendan Van Hek : Inuagural recipient of the WA Collector's Club 'Stringer Award'
Announced at The Art Gallery of Western Australia @ REMIX Exhibition opening last Friday 15 April 2011.

Brendan van Hek
Great White Hope 2010
hand-blown white neon glass
State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Purchased through the TomorrowFund, Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation, 2010
© Brendan Van Hek, 2010

The Stringer Award winner is Brendan van Hek. A Highly Commended was also awarded, to Paul Caporn. The Stringer Award is sponsored by the Collectors' Club to pay tribute to the legacy of John Stringer and through his name promote his vision for the visual arts in Western Australia.

The Award of $5,000 was judged from the 20 remix artists', by a judging panel of: Chair of the Art Gallery of Western Australian Board Fiona Kalaf; President of the Collectors Club, Ronal Hawkins; and Curator of the Murdoch University Art Collection, Mark Stewart.

The Collectors Club’s Stringer Award will support an outstanding Western Australian contemporary visual artist as a tribute to the legacy of John Stringer the award will promote his vision for the visual arts in Western Australia.

The judging panel was particularly taken with Brendan’s work Great White Hope 2010, hand-blown white neon glass. This work has just returned from a showcasing at the TarraWarra Museum of Art in Victoria, following its purchase last year through the TomorrowFund, Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation, 2010.

The Collector's Club of approximately 60 like-minded members was formed in 1966 by the late John Stringer. John was an internationally recognized art curator who came to Western Australia after a distinguished career in Victoria at the National Gallery and New York at the MOMA. He was initially Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of WA then curator of the Kerry Stokes Collection until his death in 2007.

He established the Collectors' Club as a means of promoting the visual arts in WA through a club based on informed collecting. He was passionate about contemporary art and wanted others to share his enthusiasm and his knowledge by supporting Australian artists - and particularly Wester Australian artists - by collecting.

The Collectors' Club was born and its success has been amazing when measured by the amount of art purchased, the support for emerging artists, the number of tours interstate and overseas and the enthusiastic promotion of art generally ,has more than justified John's vision.

The Club encourages an active membership participating in such activities as gallery previews with the artists available for discussion, visits to artists studios, invitations to attend functions where visiting artists speak, visits to members' homes to view and discuss their collected art and tours to art festivals in Australia and overseas.

There is a responsibility on each member to attend these activities whenever possible and to purchase at least one piece of art per year. The art is hung at the annual Show and Tell exhibition where each member speaks briefly about their purchase.

In 2010, the Collectors' Club decided to sponsor an award to support an outstanding Western Australian contemporary visual artist. The Stringer Award pays tribute to the legacy of the late John Stringer and through his name promotes his vision for the visual arts in Western Australia.

Brendan Van Hek selected for

Presented by The Balnaves Foundation

ACCA : 12 March - 15 May 2011

NEW11, ACCA’s annual commissions exhibition, offers more artists from more places around Australia the opportunity to make something new and have it shown in 2011. For the past eight years, ACCA has offered six or seven promising Australian artists the chance to create a work for its popular NEW exhibition series. In 2011, the exhibition will be expanded to include new works from ten artists. Selected by curator Hannah Mathews, the artists hail from Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and while each have been commissioned to create a work that reflects their individual concerns and practices, all are linked by a common interest in materiality.Ranging in scale and media, the work made by these artists for NEW11 question, extend, re-contextualise, activate and even negate the physical properties of their chosen materials, The outcome will be an exhibition where the uncanny, symbolic, political, historical and comedic can all be found.The NEW11 artists are:
Fiona Abicare, Rebecca Baumann, Tim Coster, Greatest Hits, Shane Haseman, Mark Hilton, Dan Moynihan, Brendan Van Hek, Justene Williams and Annie Wu.

Jánis Nedéla selected for . . . . . . .


5th International Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius 2009

Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Venezia, Venice, Italy
October, 2010

Time and place:
2009 March 12 -15, Leipzig Book Fair, Germany;
2009 April 30 - May 16, Gallery "Arka" Vilnius, Lithuania;
2009 September 12 December 13, Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg, Denmark;
2010 Spring, Gallery Hübner Bokform, Halmstad, Sweden;
2010 May, Seoul International Book Arts Fair, Seoul, Korea;
2010 Venice, Italy.

330 artists from 56 different countries sent their books for the 5th International Artist?s Book Triennial Vilnius 2009. The jury selected only 131 artists for the exhibition.
An international exhibition of artists’ books based around the theme of "text". Organized by Circle "Bokartes" and curated by Kestutis Vasiliunas. More information available at projects.arts.lt

The 5th Triennial displays the most interesting artist’s books from all over the world. It is the most wonderful experience to see culture, traditions of different countries, art schools reflected in the artist's books created by the artists. Paper typographic books and books printed by the use of classic graphic techniques – wood engraving, silk-screen printing or lithography; books printed by mixed techniques by combining possibilities of digital printing with drawing, collage and object; concept and “handmade” embroidered books; books – objects, le parello and Flux books. The key role here is played by the idea which materialises in multidimensional forms, and it is absolutely unimportant what means of expression were used in the book. Thus, whether they are "bibliophilic" books or experimental or books – objects – all of them by supplementing each other and contrasting with each other help to reveal miraculous and mysterious world of the artist's book.

2010 SoDA Galerie Düsseldorf / Curtin University.
Department of Art, Post Graduate Scholarship Award

SoDA graduating postgraduate students exhibition

THEA COSTANTINO: Diseased Estate 
TANYA LEE: Alternative Instructions for Every Day Life
LEE MANSBRIDGE: Gather round me and I’ll draw you a story 
ANNA NAZZARI: Casino Sisyphus 
ANGELA STEWART: Unlacing Carnal Margins: Portraits by Angela Stewart

16 September 2010

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S  :   T H E A  C O S T A N T I N O

Thea Constantino

12th recipient of the Galerie Düsseldorf / Curtin University Department of Art

Post Graduate Scholarship Award. Inaugurated in 1998.

Awarded annually to an 'outstanding' Post Graduate Art student from Curtin University, Department of Art.
The selection process takes place at the annual graduating postgraduate student exhibition.

John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University.
Douglas Sheerer, co-director of Galerie Düsseldorf
Head of the Art department and the Director of the John Curtin Gallery
are responsible for making the selection.

Recipients since 1998
2009 Marzena Topka
2008 Mark Parfitt
2007 Kim Stanley Medlen
2006 Joshua Webb (Samstag Scholarship 2008)
2005 No dOFA exhibition - dOFA changes to 1st qtr each year
2004 No dOFA exhibition
2003 Bruce Slatter
2002 Susanna Castleden
2001 Xavier Pardos
2000 Tom Mùller (Qantas Scholarship 2008)
1999 Sarah Elson (Samstag Scholarship 2001)
1998 Ernst Ellemunter / Andrea Williams



Jánis Nedéla

Winner of the Australian Capital Equity

Open Category Art Prize

Artitude 2010

Congratulations to Brendan Van Hek selected for :


6 August to 24 November 2010

Director Jane Scott has assembled some of the leading figures in the Australian art world to make up the dream curatorial team for the new TWMA Contemporary 2010 opening on August 6 this year. The curatorial team, drawn from a range of areas associated with the visual arts, is made up of Amy Barrett-Lennard, Ashley Crawford, Tony Ellwood, Bronwyn Johnson, Rachel Kent, Simeon Kronenberg, Jan Minchin and Gerard Vaughan. Each curator was asked to nominate one artist for inclusion in this group show. The exhibition will showcase significant directions, acknowledge Australian talent and explore new ideas and practice in Australian contemporary art.

“This is a truly exciting project and will be an outstanding show. Whilst these individuals work within the industry, the opportunity to voice their personal opinion about what constitutes significant contemporary art practice is rare. Nominating one artist above all others will create fascinating perspectives and debate from both industry insiders and the public,” says Ms Scott, director.

Artists showcased in TWMA Contemporary 2010 will include Jon Campbell, Sally Gabori, Shaun Gladwell, Anastasia Klose, Kate Murphy, David Rosetzky, Gareth Sansom and Brendan Van Hek. This diverse group of artists represent a range of contemporary practice seldom seen together within the same exhibition.The presentation of contemporary art at TWMA has been integral to the museum since its inception. Supporting contemporary artists and new ideas in art is a long personal tradition of Eva and Marc Besen, who have been avid collectors since the 1950s.In order to establish a signature contemporary art event for TWMA, the first biennial exhibition was launched in 2006. Guest curators (Victoria Lyn in 06 and Charlotte Day in 08) were invited to present a themed group exhibition which explored new work and ideas within contemporary Australian art.

TWMA Contemporary 2010 will create a fresh opportunity to explore Australian contemporary art practice and create a window for key arts figures to nominate significant new directions and acknowledge new ideas.The exhibition will be presented at TWMA to correspond with the Melbourne Art Fair, enabling national and international visitors to join local guests in reviewing the opinions of some of Australia’s leading authorities on contemporary art.The TarraWarra Museum of Art (TWMA) opened to the public in December 2003. The Museum and its art collection are a gift from Eva Besen AO and Marc Besen AO. TWMA is the first significant privately funded public art museum in Australia. The Museum has a charter to display Australian art from the second half of the twentieth century to the present day and its collection continues to grow through the addition of new gifts and acquisitions.

TarraWarra Museum of Art - outstanding Australian art - world class destination.

For further information or exhibition images please contact
Eliza Ordinans, TWMA Media and Communications Email: HYPERLINK "mailto:eliza@twma.com.au" eliza@twma.com.au or Phone: (03) 5957 3100

out of sight - not out of mind

tom mùller in basle switzerland - mike singe in tasmania - joshua webb in new york

july 2009

Tom Muller
Mike Singe
Josh Webb

tom mùller - mike singe - joshua webb

Brendan Van Hek




Reinventions: sculpture + assemblage
16 May – 13 September 2009  | Project Gallery

David Watt Knowledge

David Watt : KNOWLEDGE 1991 - 1995 (Detail)
Acrylic on MDF Dimensions variable Shelf length Left 180 cm, Right 360 cm
Collection : National Gallery of Australia (Acquired from Galerie Düsseldorf 2000)

Reinventions: sculpture + assemblage features a diverse range of contemporary treasures from the national art collection, including works from the 1960s and 1970s through to the present day by artists such as Colin Lanceley, Rosalie Gascoigne, Robert Klippel, Neil Roberts, Ricky Swallow and Timothy Horn.
This exhibition is about the surprising, inventive adaptation of materials and ideas. Assemblage is the process of re-assembling discarded, found objects and materials in new contexts. Other sculptures in the exhibition reflect the idea of reinvention with new and innovative approaches to the use of traditional materials such as bronze and porcelain.

Re-inventions info:
(make sure to explore the "essay" and "events" links on this page)

David Watt : Galerie Dusseldorf image links:

Jánis Nedéla @ Flinders University Gallery Adelaide SA : May 2009



Janis Nedela

Winner of the Vasse Art Award 2009 and Mandjar Art Prize 2009, Mandurah

IL TRIDENTE SPRING 2008 Maserati Magazine

Il tridente

Bruce Slatter


recipient of the 2008 Siemens RMIT Fine Art Post Graduate Scholarships.

Siemens-RMIT Fine Arts Scholarship Awards
School of Art

Exhibition dates: Monday 27 November – Saturday 9 December

  • Progressive student artworks on display
    A selection of outstanding visual artworks from Australia’s most progressive student artists is on display at the RMIT Gallery in Swanston St, Melbourne.

  • The Siemens-RMIT Fine Arts Scholarship is one of the most progressive scholarships of its kind in Australia.
    Now in its seventh year, the scholarship program enables RMIT students to further their careers in the field of fine arts by assisting their research and production costs.
    The partnership demonstrates the commitment of both Siemens and RMIT University to innovation, knowledge and excellence.
    Siemens has committing to support the arts program for a 10-year period, one of the longest arts-business partnerships in Australia.
    The partnership culminates with the selection of eight students who receive a combined $32,000 in financial scholarships to further their studies and careers: five undergraduate travel scholarships and three postgraduate scholarships.
    In addition, one of the winners will receive the $1,000 Siemens Fine Art Acquisition Award, with the winning work becoming part of the Siemens Australia and New Zealand art collection on display at the Siemens Australian Headquarters in Bayswater, Victoria.
    Over the past seven years, around 50 young artists have benefited from the Siemens-RMIT Fine Arts Scholarship.
    Fine arts students from RMIT’s Australian and international campuses are eligible for the scholarships.
    An exhibition of the finalists' artworks is on display at the RMIT Gallery until 9 December 2006.
    Selected from RMIT's School of Art, the works include ceramics, drawing, fine art, photography, gold and silver smithing, media arts, painting, printmaking and sculpture.
    Previous Siemens Acquisition Award winners include Kate Spencer for Hot Water Bottle which is a giant hot water bottle measuring more than one meter in length, moulded from latex and encasing a DVD player displaying the ocean inside the water bottle creation.

Mark Parfitt

nava artistgallery

  • Featured artist NAVA web site
  • http://www.visualarts.net.au/gallery/markparfitt
  • December 2008
    I investigate situations that make up my ordinary life. It singles out problems, circumstances and events that exist between home and work. It goes about asking questions, planning solutions and taking action.
    I keep a diary as I go along. This is where the process is visualised by photographs, drawings, writings and object making. The diary acts as a kind of project journal that records the events. It visualizes how I think and can possibly show people how I do things.
    The investigation attracts attention and focuses on an ordinary situation and in doing so elaborates, decorates, renovates and parodies it. When an everyday, diurnal situation is amplified in such a manner, it reveals existential concerns to do with endeavour, futility, meaning, significance, responsibility for one’s actions.
    Coming out of sculpture I have always been interested in the activities of finding out a process or solving a problem, understanding the language of a material or object and documenting with my visual diary, what happened along the way. When I have done this I have always been engaged, have been completely motivated and is something that generates a large amount of personal energy. I became more interested in the value of investigation, the decision making, possibilities and documenting than the actual manufactured art object. This art form is an attempt to express and represent this desire.


Linden info

Innovators 4 Linden 1968

  • Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts
    St Kilda Melbourne Australia
    8 November - 14 December 2008
    curated by Hannah Mathews & Ben Riding Opening 6-8pm Friday 7 November
    West coast artists revisit the past and fill the rooms of Linden with the spirit of '68
  • Galerie Düsseldorf artists included in the exhibition : Caspar Fairhall, Pamela Gaunt, Bevan Honey, Tom Mùller, Kevin Robertson, Bruce Slatter

Tom Mùller

  • Recipient of the inaugural Qantas Foundation Encouragement of Australian Contemporary Art Award
    and 2009 Artsource / Christoph Merian Foundation International Artists Exchange Program Basel, Switzerland
    Award winning local artist Tom Mùller will be heading off to Basel, Switzerland for 6 months next year.
    Many of us love the remote aspect of WA but if you can’t escape periodically and connect with the rest of the world, you can feel trapped and rather dull. Artists often feel the same but the isolation presents a financial barrier due to the life choices they have made in order to be an artist. Artists who
    can go away for a while are more likely to return to muse on and share their experiences with the greater community as well as other artists back home.
  • Tom Mùller, who won the 2008 Qantas Contemporary Australian Art Encouragement Award, works across installation, sculpture and new media.
    Tom says that the residency will allow him to “establish links across the world, to experience another culture and a different worldview. I am at a stage where this opportunity allows me to reach for a new level of maturity in my art practice”. Tom plans to work on “site specific projects, unique to Basel, such as the city’s transport and communications systems and how these generate a complex network of routes, exchanges and social relations”.

Mark Parfitt

Galerie Düsseldorf / Curtin University Post Graduate Scholarship Recipient 2008

  • dOFa08
    20 June - 1 August 2008
    DofA is the John Curtin Gallery's annual exhibition of work by postgraduate students from the Department of Art, Curtin University of Technology.
  • Presented in collaboration with the Department of Art, Curtin University of Technology.
  • Mark Parfitt
    My art comes from a desire to make an ordinary life more celebratory, more personalised and more fun. It singles out problems, circumstances and events that exist between home and work and goes about asking questions, planning solutions and taking action.
    I keep a diary as I go along. This is where the process is visualised by photographs, drawings, writings and object making. The diary acts as a kind of project journal that records the events. It visualizes how I think and can possibly show people how I do things.
    The investigation attracts attention and focuses on an ordinary situation and in doing so elaborates, decorates, renovates and parodies it. I hope for my viewers to see when an everyday, diurnal situation is amplified in such a manner, it can reveal concerns to do with endeavour, futility, significance and responsibility.

Mark Parfitt Buffalo Grass

Mark Parfitt, Carlisle Buffalo, mixed media, 2007


Tom Muller

Tom Mùller wins inaugural 2008 Qantas Foundation Encouragement of Australian Contemporary Art Award

Josephine Tovey
Sydney Moring Herald May 9, 2008

  • TOM MULLER is fascinated by aviation: he once created a passport for a borderless globe, and his next project will document aeroplane runways.So when the judges for an art prize sponsored by Qantas were considering the artist's work, they paused to consider whether it would look like a publicity stunt for the airline."We did have a bit of a chat about that one," said the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor, one of the judges for the inaugural Qantas Foundation Encouragement of Australian Contemporary Art Award. "But Qantas made it very clear they weren't looking for that. He won because his body of work is very interesting."Eight artists - one from each state and territory - received the award at the Museum of Contemporary Art yesterday. Swiss-born Muller is from Western Australia.The NSW winner was Alex Davies, from Sydney. Davies, a graduate of the College of Fine Arts who creates interactive installations, is in Europe working on a project.The award recognises the work of promising artists who use a diverse range of media. Each prize comprises $20,000 cash and $10,000 worth of air travel. It has been largely financed by the sale of works from the Qantas art collection. Muller, 33, said that he would use the prize to fund his new documentary.He developed a love for the appearance of airstrips as a child while flying in light planes with his father, who was a pilot."I'm really fascinated by having these visual incisions in the land," he said. "I did quite a bit of flying when I was young. I just love landscape, aerial perspective, the big picture."Last year Qantas sold 22 works from its major collection, yielding $3.4 million to put towards the new prize.Its chief executive, Geoff Dixon, said creating an award that invested in young artists was the best possible use for the company's valuable collection. "There are a lot of other prizes like the Archibald which tend to reward more established people," he said. "We wanted to find a niche that was a bit different."Dixon said he was no expert on art but had utmost faith in his judging panel, which also included the director of the Art Gallery of NSW, Edmund Capon, and the director of Visual Arts at the Australia Council, Anna Waldmann.The award differs from most other prizes in that it recognises a body of work, rather than just a single piece, and it is targeted at artists who are in the middle of their careers who have demonstrated promise.

JOSHUA WEBB : 2008 recipient : samstag scholarship
The Anne & Gordon Samstag
International Visual Arts Scholarship

View mini version of : A new dawn 2006 (digital animation - 2 mins)

* Joshua Webb : Galerie Düsseldorf / Curtin University Post Graduate Scholarship Recipient 2006


View artist's web pages

  • Australian Council of University Art & Design Schools
    (ACUADS) Awards
    Congratulations to A/Professor John Teschendorff, who was
    recently awarded the ACUADS 2007 Distinguished Teaching
    Award for a lifetime contribution to the development of visual
    arts education in Australia and SE Asia. John has had an
    outstanding career as an art educator, artist and arts administrator
    spanning four decades. His passion for teaching has seen many
    of the students he has directly worked with go on to stellar
    careers as artists, educators, writers and arts professionals in
    Australia and overseas. As an artist, John has been widely
    recognised both nationally and internationally, exhibiting
    regularly through one person shows and curated exhibitions
    while continuing to teach part time at Curtin.
    This is tremendous recognition for John and for Curtin University.

Photo : Mark Parfitt.  
John Teschendorff 
Backkground: Detail of History of Ideas Series I/XXVII Frame(d) 1997-1998

KIM STANLEY MEDLEN : Galerie Düsseldorf / Curtin University Post Graduate Scholarship Recipient

View artist's web pages


TOM MÚLLER : selected for 2008 Adelaide Biennial - Art Gallery of South Australia

Adelaide B

* Tom Múller : Galerie Düsseldorf / Curtin University Post Graduate Scholarship Recipient  2000

JANET LAURENCE : selected for 2008 Adelaide Biennial - Art Gallery of South Australia

Adelaide B


Joshua Webb

Galerie Düsseldorf - Curtin University Scholarship Recipient for 2006

Jánis Nedéla

EPHEMERA @ KURB Galleries 310 William St Northbridge until Saturday 20 May 2006

View/Download short Quicktime movie 2mb extract from installation projection


Congratulations to West Australian and Curtin University graduate Richard Giblett

2005 recipient of the Australia Council's Green Street Studio, New York residency programme.

Richard currently resident in Melbourne will be leaving for New York in August.


  • West Australian Artist TOM MÚLLER selected for prestigious PRIMAVERA 2005
  • Tom Múller's exhibition STADIUM opens at Galerie Düsseldorf on 19 June 2005
  • PRIMAVERA: Exhibition by 9 Young Australian Artists
    7 September - 13 November, 2005

    The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney has announced the artists selected to show in the prestigious Primavera 2005 Exhibition by Young Australian Artists which will, for the first time, include artists from remote areas of Australia as well as urban centres.

  • The artists are: Monika Behrens (NSW), Madeleine Kelly (QLD), Fiona Lowry (NSW), Danie Mellor (ACT), Tom Müller (WA), Yukultji Napangati (WA), Michelle Ussher (VIC), Pedro Wonaeamirri (NT), Jemima Wyman (QLD).

  • In another first, Primavera 2005 will have two central, linked themes. All works use painting as their primary medium and share a conceptual theme of land and landscape. Referencing synergies between the history of documenting the landscape and contemporary approaches to the land and landscape painting, the exhibition is themed The Lie of the Land by guest curator Felicity Fenner.

  • “With this year’s Primavera show, we’re listening for the responses of younger artists to the land – Australia - at a time when issues of global conflict, land rights and environment are at the political forefront”, says Ms Fenner. “We are very excited that this exploration includes the voices of young Aboriginal artists from remote areas in Western Australia and the Northern Territory”

  • Primavera has become Australia’s “talent spotting” art event, unveiling talents lying hidden across the country, many of them the stars of the future! It’s a much sought-after opportunity for young artists and a much anticipated event for Australian audiences, each year attracting huge numbers of visitors to the MCA. Primavera offers a perspective that reaches right across contemporary art in Australia, revealing themes and trends that might not otherwise be visible to the general public. Offering a truly national vision of contemporary art this year, Primavera 2005 includes a very diverse range of artistic styles and backgrounds - and of course signals a new wave of young artists to watch out for.

  • The MCA is proud to announce that Deutsche Bank will support Primavera 2005. With a strong focus on contemporary Australian art in its own corporate collection, Deutsche Bank shares the MCA’s passion for uncovering and celebrating the
    talents of local artists.

  • Deutsche Bank Australia/NZ CEO, Chum Darvall says, “Primavera represents original and creative talent in the visual arts world, which mirrors Deutsche Bank’s approach in the financial world. This link makes our sponsorship an obvious choice,
    and one we are proud of.”

  • Primavera is the MCA’s annual exhibition of work by Australian artists 35 years of age or under. Now in its 14th year, Primavera was founded in 1991 through the generous benefaction of Ted and Cynthia Jackson, and the Jackson family, in memory of their late daughter Belinda.

  • PRIMAVERA: Exhibition by Young Australian Artists
    7 September - 13 November, 2005

    MCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney


Valerie Tring and other recipients

The Australia Council Visual Arts / Crafts Board Rome Studio Residency 1999 - 2004

Faculty of Art + Design Gallery

Monash University

17 March - 13 April 2005

28 January - 13 March 2005
  • Howard Taylor Phenomena : Cairns Regional Art Gallery, Queensland

View Installation @ Art Gallery of Western Australia


Alex Spremberg

Winner of the $ 15,000 BankWest Contemporary Art Prize

Currently showing Until 13 March 2005
Queensland Art Gallery
- White/Light -
Howard Taylor and Judith Wright


Bruce Slatter

Winner of

download catalogue in pdf format

Now in its fourth year, the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize is the first and only national prize for small sculpture up to 80cm in any dimension. Prizes totalling $13,000 include: • The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, an acquisitive award of $10,000 • The Special Commendation, a non-acquisitive award of $2,000 • The Viewers' Choice, a non-acquisitive award of $1,000. Dates for your diary: * Finalists prepared for delivery 20 October 2004 * The 2004 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize Exhibition     22 - 31 October 2004.  Click here for more details. Unsworth Joins Judging Panel Eminent Australian sculptor Ken Unsworth will join curator Wayne Tunnicliffe on the judging panel for the 2004 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize. The sculptor?s presence on the panel may be defined by his belief that "visual art tries to make the invisible, visible". Ken Unsworth began his creative life when he was working at Bathurst Teachers College in 1966. His work described as striking and mysterious and a nostalgic reflection and expression of his life, is represented in most Australian major galleries and many international collections. He has had numerous solo exhibitions here and overseas, including a major survey exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW in 1998. Wayne Tunnicliffe, curator of Contemporary Australian Art at the Art Gallery of NSW, has described sculpture as one of the most innovative areas of creative art practice. It is he says "a testament to an enduring fascination with the creative potential of three dimensional objects". The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, now in its fourth year, was initiated by Woollahra Council to promote, support and celebrate artistic excellence. It is the only national award for original, freestanding small sculpture.