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JOSHUA WEBB APATHY FOR THE SETTING SUN GALERIE DÜSSELDORF 10 April - 8 May 2011 THE LAW OF DIMINISHING RETURNS. 2010 30x30x85 cm (LxWxH) Stonecast / carved books and concrete $3500 As the revolution is fixed to its axis, the return of the market is eminent. The law of motion demands a diminishing cycle of revolutions, limited by the friction that acts upon the return. This Law of Diminishing Returns could be seen as the alchemic price of utopia: the dramatic consequence of the Soviet Union’s creating something (the Eutopia) from nothing (the void that was the radical break from history). For any alchemical equation, that which turns lead to gold, the pursuit of eternal life or even utopia must carry the overbearing, sometimes even apocalyptic, weight of its transaction. The price of impossible exchange is the Devil; one/we must not upset the natural order of things. For instance, consider that gold is the physical index against which all currency is measured. When the production cycle of alchemic gold exceeds its entropic equilibrium, the price of gold plummets and leads to a global economic crisis. Likewise, once the recipe for eternal life goes public, the upward curve of population will demand resources in excess of our planet’s supply; the result being an endless existence within a realized hell on earth. The alchemic price of Communism’s Eutopia was its eventual disappearance as Otherness within a totalizing market system.