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  • Joshua Webb
  • Works completed whilst attending graduate studies in sculpture at
  • The Rhode Island School of Design, New York in 2008-2010


  • Artist's statement 2010

    Schizophrenic Teleology begins with a desire to deconstruct the human condition. It dines at the dangerous table of life’s predictable grand-narrative willing to challenge its host – nonchalantly provoking a radical dialogue with the devil as it courts an alternative model of finality.

  • The tension that emerges from this dynamic reveals the complexity of contemporary existence through its calculated fragmentation of the assumed grand narrative. As a strategy the resulting inconclusiveness cheats death, expands space-time and voids value, all so that it can perpetually pursue a phantom nemesis.

    Ultimately I am attempting to discuss the oscillating frontiers of an unknowable thesis in relation to art. My own artistic practice becomes the origin from which this philosophical expedition can begin to traverse a wide selection of meta-data sourced from history, language, culture, politics, technology and capital. Each of my artistic endeavors earnestly embodies theory as form, by building sculptural and filmic containers that mark this endless philosophical negation.

    The grand-narrative (master or meta-narrative) is the idea of a comprehensive explanation of historical experience or knowledge. It suggests the existence of a global or totalising cultural narrative schema, which orders and explains the world

somewhere_between captain_of_your_soul 0.146_kilograms apathy-for-the-setting-sun
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compressed-elements_3644685 schizophrenic_teleology three_kings
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