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Howard Taylor (1918-2001)
Discovery - Development - Ideas 1946 - 2001
SIX Decades
Galerie Dusseldorf
10 March - 21 April 2013
A comprehensive exhibition of Constructions, Paintings, Drawings and Maquettes
previously un-exhibited early sketches, notations and schematic diagrams.

Official Opening 3-5 pm Sunday 17 March 2013
The Exhibition will be opened by Gary Dufour, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Art Gallery of Western Australia
and Ted Snell Winthrop Professor AM CitWA, Director Cultural Precinct, University of Western Australia
Please note 'Preview' by appointment from Sunday 10 March 2-5 pm


Howard Taylor sculpture

'Forest Trees'

re-dedication Bunbury

14 October 2009

Bunbury Taylor Forest Trees

Howard Taylor

Constructions - Paintings

Maquettes - Drawings

Annandale Galleries, Sydney

HT Annadale Galleries

May - June 2008

Howard Taylor

Tracing the Sublime

Major Paintings

Constructions - Drawings - Maquettes

Galerie Düsseldorf

26 March - 23 April 2006

HT Tracing the Sublime


Schedule of Venues and dates

Howard Taylor : Phenomena


Paintings - Maquettes - Drawings

1 September - 6 October 2002

11 November - 16 December 2001

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Howard Taylor and Galliano Fardin

included in


Recent Work
Wall Sculptures - Paintings - Drawings



Significant Works from the 60's

  • Paintings - Sculptures - Drawings
  • 26 September - 17 October 1999

Paintings - Sculptures - Drawing

  • Howard Taylor drawings included in the
  • Australian National University
  • Drill Hall Gallery & Touring
  • Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery University of Western Australia May/June 1999

26 November - 20 December 1998

View Howard Taylor Works shown at ART99

  • The Western Australian Art Fair 11 - 14 February 1999
  • A Festival of Perth Event

Howard Taylor

This archive is currently being worked on but may be viewed in part


  • Howard Taylor lived the most perfect, most complete life of art, and his unique personal vision from the beginning went far beyond the conventions of self-expression. It was as if he sensed the extraordinary power and purity of that vision was to become a life task which placed on him intellectual demands and a creative discipline which was to shape and define his creative life for more than fifty years.
    That he lived this extraordinary life, as an Australian in Australia, and for the greater part in comparative obscurity, adds an enormous feeling of poignancy because he, more than any other Australian artist, perhaps even of any other naturalist or scientist or compassionate interpreter of the magical Australian landscape, sought and found the very essence of that landscape. It is that extraordinary enunciation and richly orchestrated revelation of the life, structure, rhythms, light, colour and movement of that landscape which not only give us his revelations but, in its making, some of the most stunning and original visual images of the past century.
    Howard Taylor was an Australian and his brilliant gifts and stunning vision was totally focused on the depiction of his beloved Australian bush. His vision, however, went far beyond the focus of any painter before him, in that none of them, irrespective of their unquestioned brilliance, ever interrogated and captured the complexity of structure, the ephemeral quality of its light and colour, or the rich and subtle patina of its living forms, as he did.

  • Anthony K Russell A.M 2001
  • Schedule of Venues and dates
  • Howard Taylor : Phenomena
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
    17 September - 30 November 2003
    Official Opening 6pm Tuesday 16 September 2003
    The Art Gallery of Western Australia

    5 February - 2 May 2004
    Official Opening 6pm Wednesday 4 February 2004
  • Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria : 13 July - 29 August 2004
  • DELL at Queensland College of Art, Queensland : 24 September - 14 November 2004
  • Cairns Regional Art Gallery, Queensland : 28 January - 13 March 2005
  • New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale, New South Wales: 1 April - 15 May 2005
  • Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania: 10June - 28 August 2005
  • Orange Regional Gallery, New South Wales: 9 September – 16 October 2005
  • Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, western Australia : 8 December - 2005 - 29 Januray 2006
  • Geraldton Regional Art Gallery, Western Australia : 10 February - 16 April 2006
  • Howard Taylor : Phenomena
  • Curator: Gary Dufour, Deputy Director, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth
    Catalogue Essayist: Russell Storer, Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
  • This exhibition is supported by Visions of Australia, a Commonwealth Government Program supporting touring exhibitions by providing funding assistance for the development and touring of cultural material across Australia.
    An Art Gallery of Western Australia and Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, exhibition
    presented with the support of the Government of Western Australia, the New South Wales Government, 'Key Organisation' grant funding from the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and the Perth International Arts Festival. The MCA was established by the University of Sydney through the JWPower Bequest, with assistance of the New South wales Government

Howard Taylor : Phenomena: Click on above image to read Review by Gordon Bull - Art Monthly April 2004 Pages 1 - 4