Alex Spremberg
Wrong Angles
2 September - 30 October 2011
Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) Westend Gallery
Curated by Leigh Robb

Wrong Angles is a major solo show of all new work by the highly acclaimed Western Australian artist, Alex Spremberg. In this show, the artist
seeks to integrate everyday materials such as cardboard boxes and newspapers into his paintings. The five new series of works focus on two
aspects that exert an extraordinary impact on our daily lives: the distribution of consumer goods and the flow of information through the
For the exhibition Spremberg has drenched hundreds of re-constructed geometric cardboard boxes in layers and layers of paint, in addition to
making collages by catching dripping house paint with daily newspapers. Spremberg is using these ubiquitous but loaded materials as the
supports for his paintings, as opposed to the traditional canvas. When a cardboard box becomes a ground for painting, the painting itself
becomes part of the world of objects, the detritus of our consumer culture. A continuation of Spremberg's practice over the past twenty-five
years, this body of work engages with systems of production, standardisation and economic rationalism. The many painted objects that
proliferate the gallery become homogenous groups, all units in a system of production, much like the way packaging conforms to common
standards of size, weight and volume. However, the reality is that it has taken the artist months and months of time consuming and careful
painting and layering to get the desired effect.
With Spremberg's new series of seven collage paintings, the fluidity of the paint mimics the flow of images and information through
newspapers, creating provocative, surreal and surprising images. The artist has photographed these collages that came about by chance in
his studio, blown them up in scale and printed them to poster and billboard size. A close relationship has always existed between painting and
photography and by capturing the movement of liquid paint through a printed photographic reproduction, another layer is added to the
complex relationship of presence and representation.

In Conversation: Alex Spremberg 6 October 2011 2pm Westend Gallery

alexspremberg chroma_flow_above chroma_flow-geometry_2e7ed0 empty_and_left empty_and_right
Chroma Flow above.jpg
Chroma Flow-Geometry of Groceries.jpg
Empty and left.jpg
Empty and right.jpg
geometry_of_grocerie_2e7ed4 geometry_of_groceries_l geometry_of_groceries_r geometry_of_groceries install_above
Geometry of Groceries detail.jpg
Geometry of Groceries L.jpg
Geometry of Groceries R.jpg
Geometry of Groceries.jpg
Install above.jpg
install_from_window install_panorama orthogonal_dawn_detail orthogonal_dawn_r orthogonal_dawn
Install from window.jpg
Install Panorama.jpg
Orthogonal Dawn detail.jpg
Orthogonal Dawn R.jpg
Orthogonal Dawn.jpg
panorama oblique_objects_1 oblique_objects_10 oblique_objects_11 oblique_objects_12
Oblique Objects_1.jpg
Oblique Objects_10.jpg
Oblique Objects_11.jpg
Oblique Objects_12.jpg
oblique_objects_13 oblique_objects_14 oblique_objects_15 oblique_objects_16 oblique_objects_17
Oblique Objects_13.jpg
Oblique Objects_14.jpg
Oblique Objects_15.jpg
Oblique Objects_16.jpg
Oblique Objects_17.jpg
oblique_objects_18 oblique_objects_2 oblique_objects_3 oblique_objects_4 oblique_objects_5
Oblique Objects_18.jpg
Oblique Objects_2.jpg
Oblique Objects_3.jpg
Oblique Objects_4.jpg
Oblique Objects_5.jpg
oblique_objects_6 oblique_objects_7 oblique_objects_8 oblique_objects_9 chroma_flow_a
Oblique Objects_6.jpg
Oblique Objects_7.jpg
Oblique Objects_8.jpg
Oblique Objects_9.jpg
Chroma Flow_A.jpg
chroma_flow_b chroma_flow_c chroma_flow_d chroma_flow_e chroma_flow_f
Chroma Flow_B.jpg
Chroma Flow_C.jpg
Chroma Flow_D.jpg
Chroma Flow_E.jpg
Chroma Flow_F.jpg
chroma_flow_g chroma_flow_h chroma_flow_i chroma_flow_k chroma_flow_l
Chroma Flow_G.jpg
Chroma Flow_H.jpg
Chroma Flow_I.jpg
private collection  
Chroma Flow_K.jpg
Chroma Flow_L.jpg
private collection 
chroma_flow_m _strepsils gc_25_watt gc_belkin gc_cherries
Chroma Flow_M.jpg
private collection 
GC_25 Watt.jpg
gc_clean_skin gc_dencorub gc_gefuellte_herzen gc_ginseng gc_jaffa_cakes
GC_Clean skin.jpg
GC_Gefuellte Herzen.jpg
GC_Jaffa cakes.jpg
gc_le_petit_ecolier_1 gc_le_petit_ecolier_2 gc_madura gc_miso_soup gc_mortein
GC_Le Petit Ecolier 1.jpg
GC_Le Petit Ecolier 2.jpg
GC_Miso soup.jpg
gc_oral_b gc_osram gc_ryvita gc_skinfood gc_veet
GC_Oral B.jpg
gc_virgin_garden gc_waterthins gcz3 conference_1 conference_10
GC_Virgin Garden.jpg
conference_2 conference_3_4_5_6 conference_7 conference_8 conference_9
thrillsspillsmarch102x143 thrillsspillsmarilyn143x101 thrillsspillspolo103x137 thrillsspillsshaman102x142 thrillsspillsskulls96x96
thrillsspillssoldiers96x128 thrillsspillstoxic101x144 as_toyota_pica_1 as_toyota_pica_10 as_toyota_pica_2
as_toyota_pica_3 as_toyota_pica_5 as_toyota_pica_6 as_toyota_pica_7 as_toyota_pica_9
Short Biography
Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1950, Alex Spremberg immigrated to Perth, Australia in 1982. Spremberg currently lectures at the Central
Institute of Technology and has been a guest lecturer at Curtin University and Edith Cowan University. Alex has exhibited at Galerie
Düsseldorf for almost twenty years, most recently with his solo show Million Moments in 2009. He had a survey exhibition at the Lawrence
Wilson Art Gallery, University of Western Australia in 1994, Painting 1976 - 1994; as well as three solo shows at the Karen Woodbury Gallery,
Melbourne (2004, 2006 and 2008).
He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions, both locally and abroad, including at the Galerie Beeld & Aambeeld, The Netherlands
(2004); Goddard de Fiddes, Perth (2004); Stella A Galerie, Berlin, Germany (2004); and at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth (2003).
Alex has been the winner of the prestigious BankWest Contemporary Art Prize (2004); the Artitude Prize, Telethon Speech + Hearing (2005);
and the People's Choice Award, BankWest Contemporary Art Prize (2002). Among many other awards, he has also received several grants,
including a six-month residency in Basel, Switzerland, awarded by the International Artists Exchange Program (2006), and the Creative
Development Fellowship Grant from ArtsWA in 2007.
Alex is also represented in many prominent public and private collections across the country, including the National Gallery of Australia,
Canberra; the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth; the Art Gallery of South Australia,
Adelaide; the University of Western Australia, Perth; Curtin University of Technology, Perth; Edith Cowan University, Perth; Murdoch
University, Perth; Artbank; BankWest; Wesfarmers, Perth; the Holmes a Court Collection, Perth, and Daimler Chrysler Contemporary, Berlin.