Unfinished Business

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Video Production by Don Dowling and Catherine Czerw for BRAG approx 15 mins

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Douglas Chambers 'Unfinished Business ' 2015 Opening pictures by Julian Bowron BRAG Director

Douglas Chambers Survey BRAG 2015
Opening Friday 17 April 2015
Bunbury Regional Art Gallery
Douglas Chambers Survey Exhibition : Opening speech  Douglas Sheerer
Co-Director Galerie Dusseldorf


Imagine an immense immersive mirror, capable of capturing nature's full reflection.

Imagine a resident keeper directing and tending to this constant procession of life's mortal creatures, waiting to be part of the mirror's collection.

Imagine this collection as images cueing and then waiting within the mirror's spatial vapour.

blossoms and leaves wafting through this space
and imagine tree branches reaching out eager to be part of the ongoing story being constructed within.

Imagine the rich amalgam of colour, texture and form provided by the mirror's memory.

rabbits, birds, lizards, horses and bees waiting for their opportunity
to be part of this new landscape.

the keeper of the mirror storing image after image, memory after memory and story after story.

a time when the mirror becomes full and its occupants must be
dispersed slowly and carefully by the keeper.

the groupings . . . . .
Trees and blossoms.
Birds and rabbits.
Bees and insects.
Horses and riders.
Bulls and corn.
Water and fish.
Predators and Goddesses.

the exhausted mirror replenished anew by its keeper and this process repeated time after time.

an extraordinary meeting where this extraordinary keeper of the mirror
displays the mirror's contents in such a way, that all becomes still and the images become fixed in time and place.

This is the Time and
This is the Place.

You are here and these are the mirror's extraordinary contents.

The extraordinary keeper of the mirror is also here . . . . .

. . . . . Douglas Chambers!!


Many thanks to Catherine (Cherrv) Czerw the curator of this survey and to the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery and it's Director Julian Bowron and the team.

Please enjoy this extraordinary exhibition and collection which Magda and I have great pleasure in now formally opening.

Thank you

Douglas & Magda Sheerer
8 April 2015

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Douglas Chambers : GODDESSES and OTHER THEMES : Galerie Düsseldorf 22 August - 19 September 2010
DC by Hans Versluis

After gaining a National Diploma in Design, Douglas Chambers served his
obligatory two years national service before attending The Royal College of Art
in London from 1959-61, alongside Ron Kitaj, David Hockney, Peter Phillips and
Allen Jones.
In 1963 he took up a teaching post in Jamaica where he lived for seven
years before arriving in Perth in 1970 to teach in Art and Design at The Western
Australian Institute of Technology (now Curtin University).
A survey exhibition of his work was held at The Art Gallery of Western Australia in
In 2004 he was a visiting Scholar at The University of Tasmania, Launceston.
For the past 15 years Douglas Chambers has been living and working in
Balingup, a few hours drive south of Perth.
This exhibition marks his 10th solo exhibition at Galerie Düsseldorf.


photo : Douglas Chambers by Hans Versluis

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