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Alex Spremberg
Paint - Works
Galerie Düsseldorf
25 September - 16 October 2005

Catalogue 23
ROUNDS NO. 3 2005
enamel on wood
32.5 x 32.5 x 1.5 cm
$ 1,400


I consider paintings to be objects, not pictures.
The work is specific in its conception and its physical presence yet it does not pose any conditions on viewers.

When liquid white meets black both interact and find their place on the surface.
This interaction of opposites becomes even more intricate when variables such as gloss, semi-gloss and matt paints are introduced.

I am interested in gestures of non-interference, initiatives that determine their own inherent results.
Painting that is located between intentional activities and unintentional occurrences.
Processes that create their own dynamics, where works are not made but occur as the result of factors that are beyond my control.

I want to be surprised by my paintings.

Alex Spremberg 2005

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