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  • The title of these works 'Fredda Una Lingua' is derived from the last verse of a sonnet by Francesco Petrarca (July 20, 1304 – July 19, 1374) known in English as Petrarch - an Italian scholar, poet and one of the earliest Renaissance humanists.
    Petrarch is often called the "Father of Humanism"
  • Canzoniere 203
    Lasso!, ch’i’ ardo, et altri non mel crede;
    sí crede ogni uom, se non sola colei
    che sovr’ogni altra, e ch’i’ sola vorrei:
    ella non par che ’l creda, e sí sel vede.
    Infinita bellezza, e poca fede,
    non vedete voi ’l cor, nelli occhi mei?
    Se non fusse mia stella, i’ pur devrei
    al fonte di pietà trovar mercede.
    Quest’arder mio, di che vi cal sí poco,
    e i vostri onori, in mie rime diffusi,
    ne porìan infiammar fors’anco mille;
    ch’i’ veggio nel penser, dolce mio foco,
    fredda una lingua, e duo belli occhi chiusi
    rimaner, dopo noi, pien di faville.
  • Short artist's statement :
    Closed >cold< or open <warm> - the eyes say it all !
    The CD used is new and digitally 'informationless' - in essence a blank sheet. It has a visual presence, both 'reflective' and 'mirrored'
    Further studious 'Illumination' (via the torch) can amplify the experience. My continuing interest in holographic representation, is also present in these works.
    Thanks to Bill and Conny for including me in this exhibition and also for the challenge it represented.
    I was moving on a parallel abstract course but managed to change lanes on the autobahn and at the same time be intrigued by the result..

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Cold tongue